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Join the thrill! Book your Dune Buggy Ride today to explore Dubai’s desert and experience the rush of navigating golden dunes under the guidance of our expert team for a safe and exhilarating adventure.

Polaris Turbo RS1

One Seater

Duration Price Per Buggy
1 Hour 675 AED
2 Hour 1000 AED

Polaris Turbo S

Two Seater

morning tour
DurationPrice Per Buggy
1 Hour790 AED
2 Hour1200 AED

Can-Am Maverick

Two Seater

DurationPrice Per Buggy
1 Hour1000 AED
2 Hour1600 AED

Discover the thrills ofdune buggy dubai tour

As a leading Buggy Rental Dubai company, we take pride in providing top-notch vehicles that are not just means of transportation but gateways to a memorable journey. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of dubai as you navigate the challenging terrains with ease and style.

Explore the thrills of Dubai with our premier Buggy Rentals in Dubai! Our fleet features the latest and most exhilarating dune buggies, including the dynamic Polaris RZR RS1, the high-performance Polaris RZR Turbo S, and the technologically advanced Canam Maverick Turbo X3. Each model offers its own unique blend of power, performance, and agility, ensuring that your adventure is not only thrilling but also tailored to your preferences.

About Buggy Rental Dubai

The UAE definitely is the main hub for offroad adventure seekers in the middle east, offering numerous exciting, thrilling and breathtaking activities. One of the best activities is our famous buggy rental in Dubai. You found the perfect place to experience an unforgettable dune buggy ride in dubai through the soft sand & massive dunes. Enjoy the most thrilling adventure in the heart of the Dubai Desert. We offer breathtaking dune buggy rental for you and your friends or family. A weekend or vacation trip bashing around in the red sand. If you are an adventure seeker this is the perfect place to rent a dune buggy in Dubai.

While driving through the dubai desert in a dune buggy, you will bring the buggy to its limit. Ride with us and discover the beautiful Arabian Deserts. We provide the best services when comes to buggy tour Dubai. We provide a thrilling experience where you go safe but steady beyond your limits on your buggy tour Dubai.

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Safety tips fordune buggy ride in dubai

When it comes to driving a dune buggy in Dubai you will immediately feel the freedom and endless nature in the Dubai Desert. Enjoy the wind and the amazing views while bashing through the dunes or the fast trails. However, a dune buggy can be much more dangerous than a regular car. When you get closer to a dune, the view is blocked and you can only guess what´s on the other side. This and a lot other factors in the Dubai dune buggy experience create many opportunities for accidents.

1. Safety and Protection Gear

It’s straightforward to stay safe in a Dubai dune buggy: just use the safety gear we provide for free at our camp. This includes a proper racing helmet, a long racing shirt, and gloves to prevent injuries from small stones or bushes that you pass at high speed. We offer a wide range of protection kits for chest, elbows, knees, and back protectors. Since there’s no windshield on the dune buggy, we also provide racing goggles to prevent dust, grit, and stones from getting in your eyes.

2. Safe Dune Buggy Riding Behavior

Use your eyes – they are crucial – and scan the area ahead for the next 20 meters. If the other side of a dune or what’s around a corner isn’t visible, slow down and approach it carefully from the side. It’s important to always follow your guide’s path to ensure you’re on pre-checked, safe terrain. You’re free to explore certain areas at your own risk if you feel confident. However, if you’re ever uncertain about your next move, stop and wait for your guide to assist you.

3. Ensuring Maximum Safety

Always ensure you’re securely strapped in with the seat belt. Our buggies come fitted with 5-point racing harnesses, designed to firmly hold you in place, allowing no movement, not even by a centimeter. This greatly minimizes the risk of severe injuries in case of a hard crash or flip of the dune buggy. It’s crucial to keep your hands inside the buggy at all times, a rule that is equally important for passengers. For extra safety, passengers should tightly grip the handle in front of them.

4. Speed

Accidents and injuries in the desert are primarily caused by excessive speed. Simple features like grass humps can become dangerous, leading to severe crashes. It’s best to drive at a comfortable speed, allowing time to adapt to changing dune conditions. If needed, slow down, and the guide will adjust their speed accordingly. Avoid risky maneuvers like 360s, donuts, or drifting, as unpredictable sand conditions can lead to rollovers, especially around corners where wheels can get stuck.

5. Distance Between Other Vehicles

Always maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead of you and beside you in the desert. This precaution is crucial for preventing collisions and ensuring a safe driving experience. Before you change direction or move into a new path, it’s vital to check and ensure that no other vehicles are in or approaching your intended route. Keep in mind that speeds of over 120 km/hr are achievable in the desert, which means vehicles can quickly enter your danger zone. 

6. How to Manage Dunes in a Dune Buggy

Driving on dunes needs some practice. Don´t stop on a dune unless you already passed the peak of it. Otherwise you will get stuck. If you feel the buggy is getting slower while going up a dune and you are about to stop, don´t accelerate more. Drive slowly reverse down the dune and try again from a flat ground. If the buggy does not move forward anymore, just stop and wait for help. Don´t try to get out with full throttle, it will just dig you in deeper.

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